Message from Maurice Bell,Chairman,50th Indian Parachute Brigade Association

" I write as Chairman of the 50th Indian Parachute Brigade Association and as Signals Officer with the Brigade at Sangshak Your extensive research both on the ground and through documents must surely make this website both fascinating and well visited. On behalf of those lost at Sangshak, those who survived and the many children interested in their fathers roles in WWII I wish the WWII Imphal Campaign project every success. "










He is the present chairperson of 50th Indian Parachute Brigade Association. He was the 2nd in command of the royal signal during the battle of Sangshak.

About us

Mostly relevant with 1939-1945 incidents that happen in and around North East India and Burma. The focus is mainly on World war 2, with special reference to Burma Campaign in General.

Started in 2009 with the aim to find out more info about the great war fought in North East India.

Planning to start a museum with all the findings and documents.

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