EXPLORATION OF HARRY( battle of modbung) 4th may2013
An exploration was made to a 2nd world War battlefield prior unknown to the State of Manipur. Preliminary studies had been done but a proper study on the ground was not done due to apprehensions pertaining to the law and order situation. But discussion with locals initiated the exploration for ISAAC and HARRY located 2 miles east of present MOTBUNG, MANIPUR.

The present Motbung is not the location of Historical MODBUNG Village. The old Modbung was located 2 miles 90 degree from the present Motbung. As per locals of the present Motbung, the Old Modbung was burnt down by Japanese soldier as the locals killed two Japanese Soldiers who came to collect food.

The war diary of 2nd Sufflock's regiment gives detail account of the encounter in and around Motdung from 1st to 9th June 1944. The Location ISAAC was first occupied by a battalion of Japanese 15th Division. The 2nd Sufflock's Regiment under the 5th Indian Division was clearing the Japanese from the adjoining mountains of the Moreh- Dimapur Highway. ISAAC was very close to the Highway and it overlook both the highway and the Depot at Kanglatongbi.

As per the war diary of 2nd Sufflocks Regiment, the battle at ISAAC left 96 japanese soldiers death, and lesser from British side. Till today, the battlefield of ISAAC was never explored and excavated nor do the Japanese bone collectors reach the place. On cross checking the records of Japanese soldiers. They have recorded 95 soldiers killed at ISAAC. British war records mentioned of Japanese soldiers body buried in their own Bunkers and foxholes.

The exploration team consisted of 14 members

  1. Yumnam Rajeshwor Singh
  2. Arambam Angamba Singh
  3. Longjam joshep
  4. Surjit Haobijam
  5. Raja misao
  6. Mangpu lhouvum
  7. Jk lund sitlhou
  8. Mipha hepa lunlen
  9. Hengou misao
  10. Soson lhous
  11. Minlal sitlhou
  12. Sl.lalchon
  13. Moris lhouvum
  14. Hegou misao

The team walk 2 miles on foot to reach a feature codenamed Harry by allieds . One mile was on plain area and the other one mile was on steep hill. After reaching the top crest the team had lunch and after resting for some time we started the survey of the area. The area was compare with the war time map. Various locations of Bunkers and foxholes in the map are compared with the similar feature on the ground. 1/2 of the area was surveyed using metal detector. Lots of bomb shrapnel and iron debris were found. On locating and digging a foxhole 87 numbers of empty case of riffle bullet was found. On digging a similar foxhole one live unexploded grenade was found. After taking few pictures the Grenade was reburied in its same location. After that we pack up our equipments and headed back towards to foothill with our treasure.

It was just the beginning and we need 365 working days to explore and excavate the whole area.

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